Managing waste responsibly
About us

ESD Waste Services was founded in 2000 and set out to fulfil the shortcomings of the existing waste removal facilities. We have achieved this by setting new standards in waste management services. We are providing a world class service by collecting, transferring, recycling, and disposing waste. We currently specialize in two major components of waste removal, namely:

  • Garden waste removal
  • Domestic waste renewal
  • Mini skips
Our Mission

We are committed to deliver a reliable and efficient waste removal service that supersedes our customers’ expectations. We strive to be environmentally responsible by recycling waste such as paper, plastic and glass.

Why make use of our services?
  • We deliver a reliable and consistent service, unaffected by municipal strikes
  • Peace of mind knowing that all waste removal issues are being taken care of
  • ESD Waste Services adopts an open door policy to customize our service according to our client’s needs.
  • Friendly staff and reliable vehicles
We're going green...

In cooperation with our customers we are actively doing our part for the environment by sorting household waste such as paper, plastic and glass at source whenever possible.

These products are then sold to recycling companies.

By doing this we are making a contribution in minimizing the strain that is being put on our earth’s precious natural resources

Valued clients

Some of our valued clients include:

  • Midcity
  • Huurkor
  • Pretor
  • Prop Clouds
  • Zelri Properties
  • Rapid Rentals
  • Tafalgar
  • Blue Berry
  • IHS
  • Vision Properties